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                    Message from the President

                    Greetings and Welcome to Northwest A&F University, one of China’s “Project 985” universities.

                    Founded in 1934 as the National Northwest College of Agriculture and Forestry, NWAFU is defined with the mission of serving the nation for its needs, serving the people for their living and persisting science for its truth. Historically, the University has contributed significantly to China’s agricultural development, and is grounded in one important task---agricultural research in arid and semi-arid areas. We are currently working collaboratively on the challenging goal of building the University to world-class agricultural university by the year 2034 through our incomparable commitments in food security, food safety,ecological security, and regional development.

                    Cultivating high-achieving students and striving for academic excellence is NWAFU's core principle and permanent pursuit. With the economy increasingly globalized and diverse cultures progressively integrated, we are committed to the engagement with internationally recognized institutions in a bid to develop students with creative thinking and global perspective. We will work concurrently to help promote the progress of China's agriculture modernization drive, social development and agriculture research in arid areas.

                    The university is unique for its independent thinking, sense of responsibility and innovative pursuit of truth. I am honored and privileged to be part of this excellent academic community.  As president, I sincerely welcome aspiring students and accomplished scholars to join us to make NWAFU even greater.

                    Wu Pute





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