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                    NWAFU’s Second Teachers’ Ethics and VirtueSpeech Contest Ended

                    Sourse: 党委宣传部 党委教师工作部  Date:2019-12-20
                      On December 19th, the final of the 2nd Teachers’Ethics and Virtue Speech Contest with the theme of “Promoting Teachers’Ethics, Establishing Teachers' Models, and Competing for the First Class” ended successfully.

                      This competition was jointly organized by the Party Committee Teacher Work Department, the Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Academic Affairs Office, the Personnel Office, the Labor Union and the Teaching Development Center. At the beginning of October, all colleges, departments and related units of the university launched “audition”. Nearly 300 faculty members signed up for the competition, involving all the front-line positions such as teaching, scientific research, management and service guarantee.A total of 27 contestants entered the university preliminaries, of which 12 stood out and entered the final.

                    12 Finalists in the Speech Contest

                      “I am here to learn to be a teacher”,“That box of notes, carefully tasted, isn't it my secret script”,“Let's concentrate on our own work, build a dream and soul for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” ... In the final, the speakers were full of energy, some are passionate, some are eloquent.The materials cited include the deeds of the sages in the NWAFU history such as Zhao Hongzhang, Li Zhenqi and Zhu Xianmo, the typical examples around such as Xiong Yunzhang, Kang Zhensheng, Zhang Yong, Wang Hui, as well as the words and deeds of their own parents and elder scholars.They all expressed their determination to learn from the examples, to practice with concentration, to stand by virtue, to learn by virtue, and to teach by virtue.

                      As a result of the final, Ge Maosheng, teacher of College of Water Resources and Architectural Engineering, won the first prize, Zhang Nan, counselor of College of Plant Protection, and Zhang Han, teacher of College of Economics and Management, won second prize. Yan Xianhui, teacher of Department of Foreign Languages, Yin Xia, teacher of College of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Bai Xuying, teacher of College of Sciences, won the third prize. Li Xinyi, teacher of affiliated middle school, Ni Ling, postgraduate secretary of College of Information Engineering, Sun Jing, teacher of College of Landscape Architecture and Arts, Li Mei, teacher of College of Food Science and Engineering, Ran Long, teacher of College of Marxism, and Wu Tingting, teacher ofCollege of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering won the excellent awards.

                      Xu Yangfu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the university together with the heads of relevant departments, presented medals to the winners. Xu Yangfu said in his speech that after the competition, the winning representatives would also go deep into each unit to conduct publicity. It is hoped that the entire faculty and staff of the university would further experience the spirit of teachers' morality, appreciate the model of teachers' style, and be the “big gentleman” who shapes students' character, conduct and taste, and has made new contributions to cultivating more new types of talents who know agriculture, love agriculture, and helping the university in the “double first-class” construction.

                    Final Venue of the Second Teachers’Ethics and Virtue Speech Contest
                      Translated by: Ruan Shuling
                      Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong







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