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                    Photos: Tense and Fulfilling Campus Life after Return

                    Author: Jin Jun  Date:2020-05-07     Read:

                      Starting from April 27th, NWAFU witnessed the first batch of students who voluntarily returned to school one after another. As of May 5th, there were 6925 returned students, including 2159 undergraduates and 4766 graduate students.

                      After returning to university, graduate tutors and undergraduate instructors met with students to guide them to revise graduation thesis and improve graduation project. The counselors, head teachers, graduate instructors contact the students at least once a day, and all colleges (department or institute) have arranged online counseling on health, employment, and psychology, and online educational activities such as patriotism, labor, life, and gratitude. The beautiful campus has added more vitality as the students return.

                      On May 5th, the reporter recorded the study and life of the students returning to school with lens in places of North and South Campus including the laboratories, experimental fields, dormitories, and observation areas. The most common words everyone said in the interview was “Our life in school is tense and fulfilling”.

                      Translated by: Ruan Shuling

                      Proofread by: Zhang Xiaorong






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